WordPress Blog Tricks

Most of the websites we build are in WordPress now so we wanted to push out just a few tips on how to use the your Business Blog in particular to benefit in the search engines and for presentation.  We will add to this or publish another article soon so stay tuned…

A couple of WordPress Blog Tricks:

1. The Read/Insert more button will make it so the main page of the blog gets everything before you insert it… so go to the point you want the reader to have to click read more and push the button… then when you have 5 articles in a row that have a paragraph each it is easier to scroll and read the one you want…

2. Another good WordPress Blog trick is to use multiple categories, currently you have one.  By using multiple you create more pages of articles that are listed on the particular category page, and you create more keywords on the page that LINK so it is doubly strong – the same goes for tags.  With categories use concepts like Business Exit Strategy & Business Exit Planning

3. Tags – the best strategy for these is to use supporting topics like Selling a Business, Retirement Planning I don’t know you just kind of architect a plan and it again adds keywords and linking to the blog page.

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