Website SEO Transition Service

A Website SEO Transition is the service we provide to ensure sure that search engines understand changes to your website, primarily during a website redesign or a move to a new domain. If you change the URL of a page on your website, Google’s link to that page on the search engine will now be a dead link – until they crawl your site again. They don’t like dead links in their index, so this can cause problems for SEO, especially if the entire website moves. If your website has previously been optimized for search, then you will have specific meta descriptions, optimized page URLs, heading tags, links & image alt tags that need to be ported to the new site. The new site may also need recreation of your XML or HTML sitemap. These are just a few of the many necessary steps for a successful website SEO transition.

The simple fact is that many web designers are not also SEO specialists and will not what is required for a redesign launch that doesn’t involve gambling.  They may have recently made you a fantastic looking and performing site – but when you launch it you face a ranking or even a de-indexing penalty if you don’t take the steps necessary to tell Google about the changes, and make sure that your new website is an improvement over the old in terms of SEO.

Don’t gamble with a new website launch – we can help you take the steps necessary to ensure the transition is a happy one.

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