55 Most Important Local Directories & Citations

More Internet Phone Books

We call them Internet Phone Books, most people call them local directories.  Google calls them citations, and they are local proof that you are who you say you are.  They are verification that your business is located at that address, the phone number is correct and that you do the services you say you do.  The more citations that agree, the more authority your Google + Local (formerly Google Maps/Places) and website are given – and therefore the higher they rank.

Reference this article for some of the direct links to add your business.

Citations are Social Proof & Business Validation

Here is a list of the most important local directories you may want to utilize for your business listings.  The more relevant the better, of course, and also expect sales calls from some or most of these companies for their own  marketing services.

** While we keep an updated list as well, this particular list was pulled from SEO Moz.