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Keyword Research, Website Analysis, Link Counting & Analytics Resources

Here is a list of resources we use on an ongoing basis – let us know if you have any questions!

Website A/B & Multivariate Testing Visual Website Optimizer

Full Suite SEO Moz – Full Suite – $100 / Month or So

Website Analysis Hub Spot Website Grader – A great place to start. Similar to but not better than HubSpot Website Grader. Similar to but not better than HubSpot Website Grader. Similar to but not better than HubSpot Website Grader. W3C Open Source Standards HTML Analysis W3C Open Source Standards CSS Analysis

Keyword Research iSpionage Google Keyword Tool SEO Book Keyword List Builder SpyFu

Website Analytics & Metrics Google Analytics RavenTools Accelerated Funnel Visualization Just Installed but looks like Good UI, Multi Site Support

Rank & Link Tracking Authority Labs

Link Tracking Majestic SEO Site Explorer
Yahoo Site Explorer – CLOSED DOWN

Northwest eSource

We are dedicated to bringing small business owners a never ending ROI on their IT & marketing budgets by wholly integrating our services into their technology platforms. Additionally we work to position our clients as as the best company in their city, or the country, for what they do. By specializing in superior IT, website design, internet marketing & metrics analysis we have positioned ourselves as a leader in IT & technology based marketing in Portland and beyond.

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