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Internal Website Search Engine Optimization

$1,500 per Site, Up to Ten Pages +$125 per additional page

Who are you if they can’t find you?  When it comes to marketing your company website, there is nothing more powerful than ranking in the top of search engines.  Historically marketing was outbound, TV commercials, phone calls and radio – BUT people today block out all traditional media.  Now it is a good company’s job to be where customers are looking.

Every page on your website is an opportunity to tell Google about your company and to demonstrate your intention to rank for particular keywords. But Google is very specific about the method you use to tell them (see their recommendations & guidelines) – if you don’t follow their steps and your competitors do, guess who wins.

  • Keyword Research and Consultation
  • Goal Setting – Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Consultation
  • Keywords on Competitor Sites
  • Competitor Sitemap Analysis
  • Inbound Link Count and List
  • Make your website search engine friendly
  • SEO Best Practices Keyword Integration (Meta, Titles, Headings, Links, more)
  • SEO Text Link Sitemap
  • SEO Search Engine Friendly XML Sitemap
  • SEO Text Link Footer Menu

SEO is comprised of more than just internal website optimization, but without taking the first step you will never get up the stairs to the top ranking.

The other additional steps needed include adding content and acquiring inbound links.

Northwest eSource

We are dedicated to bringing small business owners a never ending ROI on their IT & marketing budgets by wholly integrating our services into their technology platforms. Additionally we work to position our clients as as the best company in their city, or the country, for what they do. By specializing in superior IT, website design, internet marketing & metrics analysis we have positioned ourselves as a leader in IT & technology based marketing in Portland and beyond.

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