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Automated Social Business Content Strategy

Your Website & Blog, Social Media & Email Marketing – Finally All in Sync

Not long ago, the ability to reach out and interact with your customers online might have sounded like a fascinating future possibility, but now that is simply the norm, and if you don’t have a website and blog and aren’t on the most prominent social networks, you may be losing business to more tech savvy competitors.

Social Media is Modern Warfare for Business

Now, maintaining an online presence is as necessary and basic as having a phone number for customers to call. You need to have a website to attract customers, and blog posts to attract potential customers to your website. The goal here is of course to have website visits translate into calls and emails that lead to sales. By enabling customers to sign up for your email list, you help stay in touch, and by allowing readers to comment on your blog posts, you help build a back and forth with your customers.

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

It is important to be on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus both to represent your business and to engage in a dialogue with customers – especially because they are there. Through Facebook “Likes,” Twitter followers, mentions, and retweets, and +1′s on Google, you will build your brand and earn client trust and credibility through sharing knowledge.

But this can all get out of hand very quickly, and that’s where our automated social business content strategy comes in. We can automate your blog posting with social media and email marketing. When you post a blog article, it can automatically post to social media, then an RSS aggregating email service can automatically send it out via email. Our program will post to social media once a day or every other day, while blog articles will be more like once a week or every other week. This ensures that your customers see enough from your company to keep you in mind and stay engaged, but not so much that they become annoyed.

We offer a free consultation where we go over how to best reach and engage with your ideal clients, as well as 20 percent off your first hourly purchase. A little expert help in automating your social media strategy will do a great deal to ensure that your business is represented online in all the right places.

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